Fabulous Winter Wedding Ideas

Imagine the beauty of freshly fallen snow under a moonlit sky or hundreds of candles sparkling brightly under trees dripping with ice crystals. This can be the design of a truly magical winter wedding. Winter is the perfect season to throw a dazzling, yet cozy wedding that will make your guests feel as if they have been swept away into a winter wonderland. Consider these ideas to make your winter wedding a truly fabulous event.


When planning a fabulous winter wedding, it all begins with choosing the right location. Although it is cold outside, you want your guests to feel warm and cozy. You might consider an intimate venue such as an inn or historic mansion that offers a large fireplace. Your guests will love the crackling and warmth of a fire while mingling at your reception. If you live in an area where snow is typical throughout the winter months, you might choose a ballroom or venue with a large picture window to allow guests to enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape.


The winter season provides an array of beautiful and decorative designs. You can create a magical scene by choosing a color palette complete with soft blues, golds, white, silver, and even red for a bolder statement. Add dripping crystals to doorways and centerpieces to create an element of beauty and glamour. You can also adorn invitations, programs, and centerpieces with snowflakes or pinecones to bring a sprinkle of the outdoors into your wedding. In addition, white, rustic trees and branches complete with white lights make for a dazzling and romantic look that will truly be unforgettable.


Make a gorgeous statement with a wedding dress that boasts a dramatic train.   You can also choose an elegant gown complete with crystal embellishments that are reminiscent of the snowy season. This is also the perfect time to add a delicate wintry cape, cozy fur wrap, or stunning winter coat to add warmth for your outdoor photos.


Winter can be a photographer’s dream, as it provides so much natural beauty. You can capture romantic photos in the falling snow, walking down a snow-filled street, or snuggled in a carriage. If you are near mountains, capture the beauty of the mountainous landscape for some spectacular and romantic winter photos.

Special Touches

Make your winter wedding a one-of-a-kind event with some extra special touches that will go a long way. Consider arriving by horse and carriage for a glamorous and romantic entrance. Greet your guests at the reception with hot chocolate or warm cider. Have an ice sculpture on display to capture the magical feel of a winter wonderland.

With the right elements, your winter wedding can be a fabulous event that will leave you and your guests with a magical experience. From the beauty and elegance of your wintry décor to a romantic entrance by a horse-drawn carriage, your winter wedding can be a day that you will never forget. Consider these ideas to help plan a glamorous event that will truly be the wedding of your dreams!