Throw a Stress Free Graduation Party

One of the most exciting times in a young person’s life is their graduation from high school.  It is a time to celebrate their hard work for their past four years and wish them well as they begin their journey into adulthood. While planning a graduation party is certainly meant to be fun, it can also be very stressful.  This is a very hectic time as parents begin making preparations to send their son or daughter to college.   That said there is no need to fret!  The following tips will help you break down the party planning process to ensure that your child has a fantastic and memorable graduation party.

Decide on a Budget

Before making any decisions about your party it is best to sit down and plan a budget.  Do you want to have a big elaborate celebration or a smaller gathering with family and close friends?  Regardless of what you choose, costs can quickly get out of hand without a budget. TIP: If your graduate has a best friend consider hosting a joint party to save a little money.

Create a Guest List and Choose a Location

Talk to your graduate about what kind of party they want and who they would like to invite.  It can be tempting for parents to want all of their own friends in on the graduation fun but try to remember that the party is really about your graduate.  Jot down a list of family and friends that you would like to invite and agree on the list with your graduate.  Once you have a guest list, you can decide whether you can throw the party in your backyard or if you are better off renting a venue.

Keep the Food Grad-Style!

One of the most important elements of any party is the food but try to keep things simple and delicious.  Don’t waste your time carefully making fancy finger sandwiches and dainty desserts.  Instead, stick with more casual finger foods such as chips, dip, chicken strips, sub sandwiches, cookies, or cake.  Remember, you are serving a group of hungry teenagers after all!

Personalize your Décor

When it comes to choosing décor for the party, make it personal by decorating with your child’s collegiate colors.  Choose balloons, plates, napkins, etc. that show off your graduate’s new school.  You can even have the cake decorated with their college logo or mascot.   You can also use the party as an opportunity to walk down memory lane.  Consider showing a slideshow of pictures or select various pictures of your child and put them in frames to decorate the food tables.

Remember that graduation is also a very important time for parents as well.  This is your time to show how proud you are of your child’s accomplishment and celebrate this milestone in their life.  With good planning, you can throw the perfect party without all of the stress.   Take this time to enjoy the momentous occasion and cheers to the future!