Round Tables or Banquet Tables for Your Wedding Reception?

Should Wedding Receptions Have Round or Banquet Tables?
Creating a memorable wedding reception requires attention to details far beyond where it will be and what will be served. Your guests will also remember the effect created by your table layout as well as how comfortable they felt while seated and how easy it was to talk with others. When choosing between round or banquet table these are among the factors to consider.

Know your venue

Whether you choose round or banquet tables will depend on the size and flow of your venue. For example, round tables are often a better choice for irregularly shaped rooms. Banquet tables are usually better suited to narrow rooms as well as those with a good bit of flat wall space. If the option is available ask your venue representative for a floor plan on which you can draw out table ideas to get some sense of what the actual layout will look like.

The social event of the season
Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate. Guests look forward to being part of the warm energy in the air and sharing it with old friends and new acquaintances. Encourage your guests to make and renew connections by creating table space that encourages conversation. Consider this when choosing the size and shape of your table.

Rounds that accommodate 8 to 10 people are often great for conversation because you can see everyone seated, and there is a feeling of intimacy fostered by their size. Banquet tables can also allow for conversation but there are challenges. For instance at a banquet table accommodating four people on each side and one at each head, conversations may be limited by distance. If you choose banquet tables give special attention to seating arrangements that encourage a few small group conversations around the table. Whichever you choose, or even if you want to use a combination of shapes for visual variety Platinum Event Rentals has what you need for small and intimate or large and formal weddings and everything in between.

Go with the flow
Plan your table shape and layout with some thought to how your guests will move through the room. Be sure there is adequate space for dancing or simply getting to the restroom easily. The last thing you want is for your wedding reception to be remembered for how cramped and uncomfortable everyone felt. At Platinum Event Rentals our staff has years of experience with planning memorable wedding receptions.

Round tables have the benefit of size and are easier to get around than banquet tables. If you opt for banquet tables leave as much open space as possible to avoid crowding or creating a cafeteria style look. We can help you decide which shape is best based on your guest list and venue. Give Platinum Event Rentals a call.

Center of attention
A final consideration when choosing table shapes is your centerpiece. Round tables need only one. Keep centerpieces low so that they do not cover guest’s faces. You will need two or three pieces on a banquet table. Again, these should be tall enough to make a visual impact but not so tall as to block the view of guests sitting across from one another. We offer a variety of table shapes and sizes available for delivery and set-up. Platinum Event Rentals also provides linens for an elegant finishing touch. Call for an appointment. We would love to meet you and have you walk through our showroom to see our equipment and supplies. Let us help you create a wedding reception to remember.