2017 Wedding Trends – What is New and What is Out

Trends come and go but chances are you want your wedding style to feel timeless, regardless of what happens to be hot in the moment. This year, you’re in luck. If you are planning a wedding for 2017, you’ll have lots of wiggle room. So many of the constraints of years past have, well, passed. Take a look at some of the more popular new trends.

2017 – The year of free to be me

This year individuality is in and cookie cutter is out. That means there are far fewer must do’s and a great deal of freedom to do you. That doesn’t mean you won’t still get ideas from Pinterest, you just don’t have to follow every idea to the letter. Instead, you can take a page from your own personal style book and still have a wedding that you feel great about that is also fun and memorable for your guests. Platinum event rentals has a 25,000 square foot showroom full of ideas. We change out our space with fresh ideas every month so chances are if you can dream it we can help you create it.

Get a look you want to know better

Ugly bridesmaid dresses you don’t want to be seen in and will likely burn immediately after the wedding are out. This year the look is more unique. Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to match and they may not even be dresses. Some are opting for separates.

Get your shine on

Glitter and silver mettallics are out but other mettallics, such as gold, copper or frozen blue are in. Use a bit of shine on everything from your invitations to centerpieces, table settings and décor.

Don’t fence me in

Staid, overly stylized weddings are out and rustic chic is in. Couples are opting for barns, but with a little extra pizazz. Give your barn setting a bit of bling with extras such as dramatic or dreamy lighting. We offer a variety of lighting options from chandeliers to laser lights and three branch street lights. Visit our catalog to learn more and give us a call with any questions.

It’s hip to be square

All round tables are out in 2017. In is a mix of table sizes including some long rectangles and squares or even farm tables. This combination allows for family style dining that is elegant yet intimate. Platinum event rentals offers rustic wood farm tables as well as rounds, rectangles, squares, and even plastic kids tables. We can provide linens in a variety of sizes, too.

One in a million

Every centerpiece the same is out in 2017. Get creative this year. A unique centerpiece on every table provides another great opportunity to put your personal stamp on your big day.

Bottoms up

2017 is the year of the signature cocktail. That’s great news. You don’t have to knock yourself out stocking a bar. Do be sure each sip connects guests to the theme or feeling you want to create. Talk with a mixologist at your favorite watering hole for ideas.

2017 wedding trends offer a lot of freedom to really create and to honor your individual brand or style. That more things are possible can be freeing and maybe even a little frightening. We’re here to help. Platinum event rentals has worked with hundreds of couples to bring their ideas to life. Tell us about your wedding vision. We’d like to help you, too.