Flooring & Staging

Maybe you already have a venue for your party or other event, but the flooring is all wrong. A dance floor, astroturf or staging rental from Platinum Event Rentals in San Diego can provide just the flooring you need.

We rent indoor and indoor/outdoor dance floors in 3’x3’ sections, so you just have to let us know the size dance floor you need, where it will be installed and on what surface.

If you need staging for your event, you can rent 16”-high modular stages that come in 4’x8’ sections that allow you to create a large or small stage area, depending on your space and needs. We rent steps and/or skirting for the stage for an additional fee.

Green or black astroturf gives you a nice way to dress up a concrete or dirt area for your event, and we also have carpeting for rental by the square foot — call us for color and size availability.

Of course, if you have a dance floor, you need great lighting to go with it! Platinum Event Rentals offers up lights, spotlights, lamps, string lights, and specialty lighting such as our dazzling Spright Lights that illuminate your event with tiny pin lights of green.

Platinum Event Rentals can help you choose great flooring or staging for any San Diego event and the perfect lighting to go with it. Call us today!