Policies and FAQs

Rental Period: How long can I keep the items? What if I return the items late?

The duration of any rental period is 3 days. Our customers can pick up or have items delivered a day before the event, and drop it off the day immediately following the event. Weekend rentals are typically dropped off or picked up on Monday following the day of the event. Should our customers need the party rental supplies longer than the 3-day period, customers will need to contact the office in order to make arrangements. We can be reached at (858) 223-3030. Should any party rental items be returned or picked up late, without making previous arrangements, the items will be subject to additional fees.

Delivery and Set-up Services: How does delivery and set-up work?


Our delivery fee is based on the zip code of the delivery address. This covers fuel and maintenance for our trucks as well as our staff’s time. Our minimums to qualify for delivery vary depending on the time of year- please call our office for details. If you would like to bypass the delivery fee, we offer the option of Customer Will Call. We will gladly help you load and unload at our warehouse, but request you return the items clean and in the same condition as when you picked them up.

BASIC DELIVERY – Four Hour Window- Our most economical delivery option allows us four hour windows of time for the delivery and the pick up with the pick up on the following business day. A two hour window option is available for an additional $50.00 each way. A one hour window is $75.00 and an exact time is $100. We will give you a courtesy call when we are on our way if you provide us with a contact name and number for the day of your event.

PREMIUM DELIVERY UPGRADES – Guaranteed Delivery or Pick up Times If you require a tighter time frame for delivery or pick up we can schedule a 30 minute window of time for an additional $100.00 each way above the four hour basic delivery charge.

SUNDAY DELIVERY –  Delivery and Pick up on Sunday is an additional $40.00 charge each way. Customer will call is not available on Sunday.

SAME DAY PICK UP –  Same day pick up charges vary by the zip code of the delivery address. Our staff will be able to tell you this charge if you call.

AFTER HOURS – If you require a delivery or pick up between the hours of 7:00pm and 6:00am there is an additional $250.00 charge.

ELEVATOR OR STAIRS – If delivery and pickup involve an elevator, stairs or other restricted access there is an additional charge round trip depending on the equipment rented.


Set up is optional – If you decide not to have Platinum set up your items, they must be re-stacked and placed exactly how they were for delivery. If you opt for set up: Platinum’s basic set up charges are for locations no more than 50 feet away from the loading/unloading areas. If the area for set up is more than 50 feet from the loading/unloading area additional fees will apply. Beach set up is double the basic set up fee. Elevator and Stair set ups vary in price – to avoid unnecessary fees please let us know before hand if there are any stairs or elevators.

Placing An Order: How do I place an order?

You can send a request form with your rental needs using our Online Catalog to place items in your cart.  This will alert our sales team to put together a written proposal for you and e-mail it.  You can also e-mail us directly at [email protected], or call our offices during business hours and speak to one of our event specialists directly at 858-483-7368


You can also make an appointment to meet us person, and walk through our showroom to see our equipment in person!
Ordering & Payment: What is needed to place my order?

You will first receive a written “Proposal” and this will be e-mailed to you along with our rental terms and agreement, and a credit card authorization form.  In order to confirm your order we need the following: a 50% deposit, Signed Agreement, and Credit card authorization form.
Your order will not be confirmed unless we have all three of these documents.  You can email the documents to cristin@platinumeventrentals.com or fax them to 858-222-6706.


You may also come into our offices to give us the paperwork.  If you wish to pay by cash or check, we still need a credit card authorization form in order to confirm the job.
Cancellation Policy: What if I need to cancel my order?

All customers will provide a 50% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT in order for PPR to reserve their order.

  1. Customers who cancel their orders at any time after a deposit is provided WILL LOSE THEIR DEPOSIT regardless of their circumstances or reasons for cancellation.

  2. Adjustments to orders can be made until 7 days prior to delivery (except for specialty items – see below). However, any such adjustments shall not reduce the total price of the invoice below the amount of the NON-REFUNDABLE 50% DEPOSIT.

  3. Specialty items include specialty cut linens, and items that require PPR to manufacture, sub-rent, or purchase equipment. Specialty items are non-refundable once they have been ordered by PPR, or manufacturing of such items has begun

  4. Canopies & heaters must be canceled at least 7 days prior to delivery/pickup, but any such adjustments shall not reduce the total price of the invoice below the amount of the NON-REFUNDABLE 50% DEPOSIT.

Verifying Your Order: Who’s responsibility is it to verify order accuracy?

You are responsible for verifying the accuracy of your order.  If something is not listed on your order, we will not be providing it.  Please make sure absolutely every detail that needs to be taken care of is listed directly on the order.
Liability & Use of Equipment: Do you have a rental contract?

Yes, we do have a rental contract.  It will be e-mailed to you along with your proposal, and it can also be found HERE
Loss and Damage: What happens if the equipment is lost or damaged?

An 8% charge will be applied to all rental items to cover the cost of normal cleaning and maintenance. This does not cover LOSSES, THEFT OR DISAPPEARANCE OF EQUIPMENTDUE TO CUSTOMER NEGLIGENCE. Broken items must be returned in their broken state or they will be considered stolen. Replacement of lost or damaged items is chargeable in addition to the damage waiver charge.
Cleaning: Do I need to clean the items before I return them?

You do not have to clean the equipment. If you rent glassware, flatware, and/or china, all we ask is that it is free of food debris.
Pricing: Do your prices ever change?

The price listed on your proposal will not change.  The only reason it will change is if you change your mind on the item/color/etc.  Delivery fees may change if there is an exponential increase in gas prices.