A Classic Holiday Party

It is that time of year when the magic and spirit of the holiday season is upon us.  It is a time for spreading cheer, exchanging gifts, and attending parties of course!  While the entertaining trends seem to change year after year, the holiday season is one time where most people can agree that it feels better to keep it classic.   A classic and tasteful tree, the delicious aromas of spices wafting from the kitchen, and laughter with family and friends, create a nostalgic feeling and remind us of what the holidays are really about.  If you find yourself in the host or hostess seat for this year’s party, here are a few tips on how to throw a truly classic holiday party.

Prepare Your Home

The first thing guests will notice when they arrive is the lovely holiday décor.  Festive décor instantly makes your home feel warm and welcoming.  Adorn your home with classic holiday colors of red and green while sprinkling in a few gold accents.  Drape your mantle and staircase with natural garland and decorate tables with traditional poinsettias or holly.  Use your tree as a decorative focal point and provide plenty of seating in that area of the home.

Serve a Classic Menu

One of the most enjoyable things about holiday parties is the food.  People have waited all year to indulge in some of their favorite holiday treats.  These classic favorites make the perfect menu for your party.  Beef tenderloin, sliced ham, and stuffed turkey are some classically delicious holiday foods.  Pair any of these with some crowd pleasing holiday spreads and dips.  Finally, keep things decadent and delicious with traditional homemade Christmas cookies, fudge, or a warm pie. Don’t forget about the drinks and cocktails!  Eggnog, cranberry champagne mimosas, and hot cocoa are classic favorites that are sure to delight.

Make the Most of a Traditional Playlist

Everyone loves to sing along with their favorite Christmas classics.  There is no need to check the Top 40 List for this party! Instead, create a playlist with old holiday favorites.  Guests will love hearing their favorite familiar tunes and this will truly get them in the holiday spirit.

The Cozier the Merrier

The holidays are all about cozying up and spending time with family and friends.  Create the perfect holiday ambiance by lighting your fireplace and don’t forget to take the warmth outdoors.  Use a firepit or outdoor heater to keep guests warm and toasty.

When planning a classic holiday party it is important to remember that the purpose is to gather with those you love to create lasting memories.  In keeping withhold holiday traditions, you are sure to host a party where guests will experience loads of cheer and laughter.