Outdoor Event Must Haves

With spring right around the corner many people are already looking forward to spending some quality time outside with family and friends.  There is nothing quite like enjoying a beautiful day in the fresh outdoor air.  It is the perfect way to transition into the next season and break free from the winter blues.  Whether you are hosting a school, church, or personal event, these helpful tips will ensure your outdoor bash is a complete success!

Make Room for Your Guests

Ample and comfortable seating is a must have for any outdoor party.  If you are hosting a party for a church, school, or work function, rectangular banquet tables with folding chairs make the perfect seating arrangement.  They provide seating for a larger number of guests and are even ideal for children.   For a more personal affair in your backyard, be sure to choose well cushioned seats and coordinating ottomans.  This will dress up your patio while making guests feel right at home.

Keep Guests Cozy

At the beginning of spring there is still a chance for a nip in the air.  Your guests might not be so enthusiastic about being outside in the cooler temperatures so keep your event cozy with fire pits and rented heaters.  If you are hosting at your home, allow guests to cuddle up by providing colorful and cozy blankets.

Please their Palates

Of course no party is complete without great food and snacks.  People love to graze and nibble during a party so it is a great idea to put hot foods in chafing dishes to keep them warm for the duration of the party.  Try to stay away from cheeses and other foods that do not keep well without refrigeration.  Chips, nuts, and other similar snack foods are delicious and perfect for party grazing.

Be Prepared for the Weather

You never know when the sun might get a little warm or raindrops might begin to fall.  Since we cannot always predict what Mother Nature has in store it is best to be prepared.  Tents or canopies are a great way to provide some shade from the sun or shelter from an afternoon rainstorm.

Plan for a Relaxing Post-Party

One of the most stressful parts of hosting any event can be the cleanup.  After the party you will be tired from all of the preparations so take some of the stress off with rentals.  Rental services can help you throw the perfect outdoor gathering without all of the stress of purchasing and setting up furniture, tents, heaters, and chafing dishes.  It’s surprisingly affordable and convenient, and you can be sure you have all of your party necessities.