Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Tips

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about heart and flowers. It is a day to celebrate your love connection. A day to say to your beloved, “I’m glad you’re you,” and “I’m glad you are in my life.” Say that and more with a romantic dinner that shows just how much you care. High on love, but low on ideas? Here are some tips.

Recreate a special experience

One way to create a dinner that shows you care is to recreate an experience that shows you remember. Was your first date at a local diner? While it may not be romantic to head back to a greasy spoon, it would be darling to treat your loved one to a mock diner experience at home. Write out a menu that includes words of love along with the food. Share a poem or even a list of things you love about your beloved.

Bonus points: Make the meal extra special with gorgeous plates, a knockout table setting and, of course, candles or dramatic lighting. Reminisce about the things you said and hoped for that first night. Don’t fuss too much over every detail, just relax and enjoy being together.

Say it with pictures

In this age of ubiquitous cell phones, it shouldn’t be too tough to put together a collection of couple pictures. Throw in some photos of places you have been and things you have done together. Make it into a slide show complete with love song background music. Don’t forget dinner! Even if you can’t boil water you can serve up something special. Your local grocer probably sells ready to prepare meals – no skills other than the ability to read required.

Bonus points: Go big. Make your slideshow movie theater perfect with a projector.

Pull out your Julia Child

Before you go this route, remember that Valentine’s Day Dinner is about celebrating your connection. If preparing a meal is going to mean running back and forth between the kitchen and the table OR apologizing about something on the plate not being perfect all through the meal – FORGET ABOUT IT. If you decide to go for it anyway, opt for simple and elegant. You might even hire someone to serve the meal. Dine in front of the fire or on the terrace – depending on where you live. The idea is to scuttle the ordinary and eat in a place of your home that feels fresh and can be set up to scream occasion.

Bonus points: Chafing dishes can help you serve with style. No running to the kitchen and you can still enjoy hot food.

Think outside the hour

Especially for the time-crunched full scale dinner plans can feel daunting. Instead, pack a picnic. Assuming your beloved can get away from work for an hour you can show up with a basket of goodies and profess your devotion midday.

Bonus points: Enlist a friend to create a mock festival setting complete with a hot dog stand and cotton candy. Your beloved will head back to work on a cloud.

Share the load

Here’s a novel idea. Get a recipe that suits your skill level and give it a try together. Put on some fun music and sip wine while you chop and stir. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore or a bore. Sometimes it can even feel romantic. Feed each other tastes of your culinary creations as you go. Use of a blindfold is optional.

Hearts and flowers are nice but let’s face it, they are a bit ordinary. This Valentine’s Day vow to wow your beloved. Get away from the ordinary. Be creative! Use these tips as a starting point and, with a little imagination, you are sure to show your beloved how glad you are that you met.