How to plan a family friendly Easter party

Easter is time to shake off the doldrums of winter and celebrate rebirth and renewal. It is also the perfect time to gather the family together for a party. Platinum Event Rentals has the supplies you need to make your gathering great.

Consider breaking with tradition

Especially if it is warm for Easter, consider taking your celebration away from the formal table. Instead, embrace the return of spring and head outdoors to enjoy the newness of the season.

When you send the invitations ask family members to doff their Sunday best and don their casual gear. Electronic invitations are fine. Just be sure to get responses from everyone so you can plan for adequate food, drinks and seating.

Plan for casual outdoor family fun

Who says you have to break out the fine china and serve ham and asparagus? Mix up it for carefree family fun. Throw some ham steaks on the grill along with pineapple slices. For a new take on an old holiday favorite grill asparagus and serve with feta, balsamic vinegar or pine nuts and parmesan.

If your grill isn’t big enough for the whole gang Platinum Event Rentals has got you covered. We rent charcoal and propane BBQ grills so nobody goes hungry at your house. For cool Easter nights we offer fire pits and a variety of propane heaters.

The young ones and the young at heart will enjoy cotton candy and sno-cones after the Easter egg hunt. Platinum Event Rentals provides easy to use machines that bring a whimsical air for more outdoor flair.

Count on Platinum Event Rentals for tables, seating and glasses, too. Our extensive inventory includes a variety of styles. That means you can count on having enough of everything you need for worry free and stylish entertaining.

Share the load

As the host you may prefer to ask guests to bring sides. A rustic farm table makes for the perfect setting. Platinum events also rents serving bowls, platters and trays for casual elegance.

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids?

Everyone will enjoy the surprise of an Easter treat. Offer small baskets of candy and trinkets to children. Adults will enjoy stress-busting coloring books tied with bright ribbons or coins of dark chocolate. Include a fortune or one sentence appreciation for each family member.

Serving wine?

Plan for two to three glasses per person, so if you have ten guests you will need approximately six bottles of wine. Renting glasses makes sense, especially if you have more than ten guests. You won’t have to worry about clean up and you can be sure of having adequate glassware as most guests will use at  least two glasses.

Pull out the games

Sack races, relay races and hula-hoop, too. It is all fair game for a festive Easter gathering that is sure to be your family’s new tradition.

Have another idea? Run it by us. Platinum Event Rentals is a pro at throwing parties. Give us a call or make an appointment to visit our showroom today. We want to help you make your party one to remember.