How to throw a memorable and loving mother’s day gathering

Let’s hear it for mom, there’s no one like her. Show the special mom or mom figure in your life how much her love and support have meant. Here are some ideas for a gathering she won’t soon forget.

Treat her like a queen

Create a special chair and be sure mom stays on her “throne” for the day. You know her, she may be tempted to jump up and help but don’t let her lift a finger. Show mom the royal treatment.

Create a special setting

This isn’t your everyday dinner. Set the tone with china, linens and lighting that give your gathering a little extra sparkle. After all…she is star among moms.

Invite friends and family

Of course family will be there. Don’t forget to add a few of mom’s best friends to the guest list.

Serve all her favorites

This is no time for mom to watch her waistline. Let the whole family enjoy some of her most favorite dishes served formally. Don’t forget flowers or a centerpiece that captures a special time or talent of mom’s for the table.

Share a toast

Break out the champagne glasses and lift a toast (or sparkling cider) to celebrate mother and the special role she has played in your life.

Travel memory lane

Make a video tribute to mom. Ask all family members to record favorite memories, things they love about her or why they think mom is terrific. Screen your film tribute right after the main meal.

Roast mom

Give mom her flowers while she is still living. Stand up and share funny stories; tell her how much her life matters. Say all the things you know mom wants to hear while she can actually hear them. Feeling too shy for stand-up? Make a scrapbook, plaque or banner that you unveil at the gathering.

Let her eat cake

Few things say celebration like cake. Set up a table to showcase your sweet show of affection. Choose a round table for cake and dessert plates only. If you plan to also use this table for gifts, a rectangle table is a good choice. Place the cake in the middle and the presents along the sides.

Whatever you do, do it with enough style and sparkle to remind mom she is your special star. Whatever you do, make sure the most important message – I love you mom – gets through.