The Perfect 4th of July Party

Fourth of July means it’s time to shoot the works. Throw a stylish party that is free of the ordinary and full of style. These ideas will help you get started.

Lights, camera, action!

Glam up your event with a spotlight that features colored gels in red, white or blue to highlight your holiday theme. Train these on the buffet or drink table for a little extra flair. Go the extra mile with an ice or fruit sculpture for your table centerpiece. Use string lights for general gathering areas. Asian paper lanterns also lend a nice touch. Make your own mock fireworks display with laser lights that add a burst of color and bring the excitement right to your yard.

Skip the usual suspects

What’s a 4th of July party without hotdogs and hamburgers? A novel idea! Instead serve a buffet style meal that celebrates the themes of freedom and independence. Ditch the Chinet for actual china to elevate the presentation of your soon to be freedom fish cakes.

Serve the appetizer

Move among your guests with serving trays of tasty morsels. Plan on serving two to four pieces per person in the hour before you start the buffet.

Do something out of the ordinary

Invite a local group of students or an improv troupe to perform and involve your guests in an independence themed improv skit.

Send invitations

Let your guest know you aren’t planning the usual Fourth of July party. Include information about dress code and theme so everyone knows what to expect. Ask that everyone accept or decline so you aren’t caught short with too few plates or chairs.

Serve champagne

Break out the bubbly, it isn’t just for New Year ’s Eve. Drop in some blueberries and strawberries to give it a little holiday color.

Serve a signature drink

Don’t fuss with bartending duties. Mix up something fun that packs a bit of a punch. Have plenty of glasses and ice and on hand. Ask your favorite bartender to share a few ideas for an easy concoction that can please a crowd. Stand back and let your guests enjoy.

Include a cupcake or candy bar station

Set up a few square or round tables everyone can crown around. Offer a variety of candies and toppings to encourage your guest’s creativity. Include little paper boxes and cellophane bags with ribbons so travel with the sugar masterpieces is easy.

Fourth of July parties are so much fun. Take yours away from the ordinary with ideas that feel elegant yet festive and cozy. Do this by thinking outside the box. If you have a unusual idea, run it by us. Platinum Event rentals has a wealth of experience with parties that run the gamut. Give us a call we want to help you bring your party vision to life.